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Which New War Next: Iran or Venezuela? – Russia News Now

They just know that they want a new war, an exciting war, a winnable war against a poor Third World country, a war that will cause Americans to forget about the ongoing fiascoes in the Middle Ideally from their standpoint, the choice will be made easier for them if either Iran or Venezuela strikes first.

Desde la Frontera / Pedro Natividad / Ya comenzaron a enojarse Centro Noticias Tamaulipas Tras la masacre de 72 migrantes, San Fernando se posicion en el ojo internacional, pese a los operativos de seguridad federales, las desapariciones y secuestros continuaron. estas son sus historias.

“Russia has started reviving its navy and strategic aviation since mid-2000s, seeing them as a tool to project the Russian image abroad and to protect its national interests around the globe,” the RIA Novosti state news agency commented. “Now, Moscow needs to place such military assets in strategically important regions of the world to.

CARACAS/PUNTO FIJO, Venezuela (Reuters) – Four days before venezuelan opposition leader juan guaido launched a military uprising in a bid to oust President Nicolas Maduro, he told supporters at a.

Find late breaking world news from every corner of the globe at Reuters.com, your online source for international news coverage.

Russia News Now. Jason talks about how President Trump’s surprise Tweet today about Iran www.cnbc.com/2019/05/19/trump. along with other news coming out about potential new military interventions in Iran and Venezuela because of John Bolton.

China, Russia and Iran ATTACK US as Venezuela crisis deepens – 'They're spreading CHAOS'. Venezuela crisis: Maduro accuses Canada of supporting Trump's WAR. Now, China, Russia and Iran have claimed the US is wrong to. can't manage without uk eh !we could put a new fuse in for 39bln.

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We want the Venezuelan people to control their own destiny. We think that would be best. In the end, I’m confident that the Venezuelan people will take Venezuela’s neighbor and closest ally, Cuba, has become a thorn in Washington’s side as Guaido struggles to regain momentum after the failed coup.

Overview. Among these are a second period of confrontation between Western powers and Russia, with the West emerging triumphant and a rise of a powerful Poland allied to the United States. Another scenario presented for later in the century is a Third World War between the United States, the "Polish Bloc," Britain, India, and China on one side,

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