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Trucker charged for using wasp spray on motorist in road rage incident

Finally, some interest from local media, as things just get worse! There’s not really any way around that, and it’s only going to get worse. And that’s exactly what was supposed to happen.. Sanction us? Hell, look what the US does when another nation just tries to keep some of the profits from their own national resources. We destroy them.. i’m just glad that North Korea finally has nuclear.

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Home Trucking News Trucker charged for using wasp spray on motorist in road rage incident trucker charged for using wasp spray on motorist in road rage incident Wasp spray is a popular alternative weapon for truck drivers who cannot or choose not to carry a firearm.

Little Chef, the chain which has been behind the Olympic breakfast for over half a century – helping popularise everything from ice cream sundaes to Jubilee Pancakes – appears to be reaching the end.

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Bradley is said to have called the pickup’s driver a "cracker." The driver of the pickup "pulled out a can of pepper spray and sprayed it into the cab of the truck driver," according to WBTV. Bradley reportedly did not seek medical attention. Police continue to look for driver of the pickup truck.

It’s like saying you shouldn’t carry a gun cause some dipshit shot someone in a road rage incident and got strung up for it.. Was the attacker a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant? Well, it says that’s what it’s for on the can doesn’t it?. I only use wasp spray for self defense against these.

Now is your time to speak out. If you have had a near-miss incident, or other dangerous interaction with a vehicle while riding your bike in or around Portland, please share your story below. In your.

or the trucker was an equal part in the road rage. There’s no reason to leave your locked truck in a road rage situation to deal with a rager who has exited his vehicle to confront you. Makes it harder to run them over when you flee for your ‘safety’, also.

Truckers! Chaining amd winter driving.. Trucker charged for using wasp spray on motorist in road rage incident. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.. Too bad the scale is 15 minutes down the road and it’s the end of the day, by the last run the forklift guys had gone home and.

Graduate surprises deported father on U.S.-Mexico bridge in heartwarming video – The Breaking News Headlines Video of a heartbreaking hug shared by a graduating high school student and her deported father on a border bridge has gone viral, boasting more than 3 million views across social media.

Millions of motorists will pay more for petrol this week in the wake of the tainted fuel chaos. Wholesale prices have surged as Asda, Tesco and Morrisons seek new supplies to replace the petrol which.

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